Having a Robert Wyatt Day

While playing a few Wyatt albums today, I rediscovered how much I love Matching Mole. More people need to listen to, obsess over and freak out about this record. This song especially.

My UNESCO Review from Smithsonian Folkways’ website

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this yet or not, but I wrote a guest blog review for two Unesco world albums for the Smithsonian Folkways website. This was some time back, but they just posted it. http://www.folkways.si.edu/news-and-press/unesco-collection-week-27-deeply-emotive-music-of-turkey-and-hong-kong One was an album of Turkish Bektashi music and the other was instrumentals from Hong Kong.

Check This Band Out

The Rizzos are an awesome new garage fuzzy punky trio out from Brooklyn and you need to hear them. The drumming is a true force of nature, the guitar buzzes with phosphorescent life while the bass neatly ties them together with the force that hasn’t been seen since Entwistle. On top of that, the vocalsContinue reading “Check This Band Out”

Halloween Music

As many people do, I get into the Halloween spirit from watching horror films and reading stories about the paranormal and supernatural. Yet what seems to get me most in the mood for the season is listening to creepy, unsettling atmospheric music. Most of the perfect examples of this kind of music comes from theContinue reading “Halloween Music”