Things You Should Hear

Sam Kogon, a favorite over here at RCU Towers, is about to release his latest album, Psychic Tears. Filled with delicious and sometimes gorgeously off-kilter pop nuggets with elements of day glow psych-pop that could make the likes of Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson, The Davies Brothers and Jeff Lynne smile warmly. This is ridiculously enjoyable in everyContinue reading “Things You Should Hear”

Luna Arakawa

Luna Arakawa was once a noise artist that went by the alias P0stm0rtem, however recently she has dropped the moniker in favor for her real name and has been creating fascinating, imaginative and a far more calmed music in a successful attempt at forging a warmer, personal sound. Soaring waves of synth-laden dark ambience, poignantContinue reading “Luna Arakawa”