Jungfrau- Glass Neck [Acid Rock/Post Rock/Krautrock]

Glass Neck, the latest record by Jungfrau is an eerie and foreboding fusion of dark psychedelia and ambient post-rock that will chill you to the marrow. Recorded live in studio in London and later mastered by Chris Hardman of Dead Sea Apes, this release finds Jungfrau in absolute top form. In each song, the groupContinue reading “Jungfrau- Glass Neck [Acid Rock/Post Rock/Krautrock]”

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate- Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom [Acid Rock/Space Rock]

The latest offering by Chicago’s super-group of cosmic mutant rockers will surely reduce your mind to a crispy, smoldering cinder. The record opens with the jaw-dropping supernova of “Ghost of Dread Reaction,” which perfectly sets the chaotically lysergic tone for the rest of the album. The densely lush sound that Plastic Crimewave (AKA Steve Krakow)Continue reading “Plastic Crimewave Syndicate- Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom [Acid Rock/Space Rock]”

Violet Nox- Nebula [Psychedelic/Electronica/Experimental]

Nebula is a suitably titled debut album of swirling, amorphous electro-psychedelic noise by Bostonian tripsters, Violet Nox. The album positively radiates with the talent of several prominent members of Boston’s underground psych/experimental music scene like Karen Zanes on guitar and vocals, Kris Thompson (of The Prefab Messiahs/Abunai!) on synths and the production work of GaryContinue reading “Violet Nox- Nebula [Psychedelic/Electronica/Experimental]”