We might not be exactly done with spring yet, but L’Eclair’s bringing the summer heat with нощта. 

Co-released with Calico Discos, this new EP finds the Swiss band fusing funk with the most vivacious aspects of dub, Latin jazz and psychedelic rock. The end result of this assemblage is enormously fun, energetic and of course, insanely danceable.

Take “Dallas,” for example. This track begins with a sick beat snapping through a hazy loop of analogue keyboards and sauntering bass lines, before a monstrously fuzzy guitar riff chops through the piece like an axe. This catapults the song into a trippy direction, as extra percussion emerges, totally swathed in reverb, along with layers of synth sounds and a snarling acid-soaked guitar solo. If Dungen and Karl Hector ever crossed paths in a studio with arms full of hashish, this is the sounds that they’d likely create.

Elsewhere on the 10″ record, motorik beats collide with wah-wah solos like a lost Moebius & Plank jam, while cosmic synthesizer noodlings invade cow bell-driven Tropicália dance grooves and laid-back polyrhythmic samba meditations. Whatever sound this genius group can come up with on this record, rest assured that it’ll make your body move, no matter what.

If you miss going out to the club on a Saturday night thanks to the pandemic, just put this record on at home and you’ll have a dance party within moments.

This EP is out today, so grab it fast.


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