July 2020 Roundup

We’re about to roll into another month with a good amount of fear, uncertainty and anxiety in our minds, so here’s a new pile of music that you can get lost into and seek a little healing and comfort from.  Josh Kimbrough – Slither, Soar & Disappear  Leave it to Tompkins Square to release someContinue reading “July 2020 Roundup”

Devonian Gardens – Old Star

Devonian Gardens’ new seven-inch single, “Old Star”/”Light Years,” might be their first new release in seven years, but it was certainly worth the wait. The Calgary group was once known as Deadhorse and released a slamming record of acid-tinged garage rock in 2011. By 2013, the band changed their name to their current (extremely fitting)Continue reading “Devonian Gardens – Old Star”

The Demos for a Difference Project

The Demos For a Difference Project is a new benefit album created by Brian Erickson, of Asbury Park, NJ, that is completely crowdsourcing its music (with over 100 different artists at the time of writing), all in the name of raising funds for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. In addition to creating the album andContinue reading “The Demos for a Difference Project”

Matt LaJoie – Clear Channel

Clear Channel has proven once again that some of the most ethereal, heavenly guitar records being made today are coming from the realm of Matt LaJoie and Ash Brooks. This tape, the latest of LaJoie’s many solo releases, is made up of two deeply atmospheric astral guitar soundscapes, “Voice One” and “Voice Two.” Each track sprawlsContinue reading “Matt LaJoie – Clear Channel”

25+ Artists and Labels Donating on Bandcamp Today

For Juneteenth, Bandcamp—being the great people that they are—are donating all of their cut of all sales made on their site today to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (and will continue to do so for every Juneteenth going forward). So whichever purchase you make today from Bandcamp, you’re helping fight for racial justice and social change. WithContinue reading “25+ Artists and Labels Donating on Bandcamp Today”

The Record Crates United Mixtape #26: An Interview with Christopher C. King

Tonight we have the great pleasure and honor of featuring famed musicologist, archivist and grammy-winning producer Christopher C. King. King is a passionate and prolific 78 collector who has produced numerous collections of old time country, blues and international music, including Tompkins Square’s Imaginational Anthem Volume 6 and albums by a wide range of legendary artistsContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape #26: An Interview with Christopher C. King”

Tarotplane – The Feedback Sutras

On the days that you just wish you could be on any other planet than Earth, Tarotplane is the artist to listen to. His guitar and synth meanderings can, without fail, transport you through space and alien worlds. The excellent Feedback Sutras is certainly no exception. The record is built out of two sprawling guitar andContinue reading “Tarotplane – The Feedback Sutras”


TENGGER have returned to ease your mind and bring you some much needed peace with the soothing Nomad.  The South Korean/Japanese wedded couple that make up TENGGER are extremely adept at crafting music that feels both natural and electronic with a deeply spiritual core. The songs on this new record are perhaps the greatest example ofContinue reading “TENGGER – Nomad”

Liner Notes with Amanda Schutzman of Needle + Groove Records

If you’re a record collector within the tri-state area, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into Amanda Schutzman at one time or another. Schutzman, the badass manager of Needle + Groove Records, got her start in vinyl pretty much straight from the cradle. Her father, Mike Schutzman, is the founder of the Long Island institution thatContinue reading “Liner Notes with Amanda Schutzman of Needle + Groove Records”

June 2020 Roundup

There’s plenty going on in the world right now that’s far more important than what I have to say about music. However if you’re anything like me, taking an occasional break to get lost into some tunes might be the best way to process all of the heavy stuff and stay centered. So here’s aContinue reading “June 2020 Roundup”