The Record Crates United Mixtape Presents: Plastic Crimewave’s Winter Vibes

We are honored and excited to present this week’s episode of The Record Crates United Mixtape, as the songs were picked by one of our heroes, Sir Plastic Crimewave himself, Steve Krakow. Krakow, a renowned acid rocker/writer/illustrator, put together a wintry mix of folk rock, psychedelic rarities and other choice cuts that’ll be the perfectContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape Presents: Plastic Crimewave’s Winter Vibes”

Heikki Ruokangas and Simo Laihonen – Joulupuu on rakennettu: Finnish Christmas Songs

For those who want to feel festive, but are tired of hearing the same old Christmas songs that jam the air waves every December, may I suggest the ethereal folk-jazz stylings of Heikki Ruokangas and Sio Laihonen’s Joulupuu on rakennettu: Finnish Christmas Songs. While there are no vocals on this EP, guitarist Ruokangasand percussionist LaihonenContinue reading “Heikki Ruokangas and Simo Laihonen – Joulupuu on rakennettu: Finnish Christmas Songs”

Top 100 Albums of 2021

Well that year flew past, didn’t it? Despite the continuation of the pandemic, there was a massive influx of great releases this year. I typically am not fond of putting together year-end lists, but I do think it’s important to highlight some of my personal favorite records from the last 12 months, especially so IContinue reading “Top 100 Albums of 2021”

Michael Hurley – The Time of The Foxgloves

At 80 years old, Michael Hurley is still as vibrant and canny as ever, as evidenced by his new LP on No Quarter Records, The Time of The Foxgloves. It’s always a cause to celebrate when Hurley returns with new music, but the songs here are some of the most moving recordings he’s turned outContinue reading “Michael Hurley – The Time of The Foxgloves”

The Record Crates United – Episode 59

Come hang with us on tonight at 8PM EST/7PM CST as we spin some heady folk rock tracks and some truly original contemporary jazz cuts by the likes of Natalie Jane Hill, Moonkyte and Patrick Shiroishi.  If you missed last week’s episode, you can now check it out on our Mixcloud page. If you like what you’reContinue reading “The Record Crates United – Episode 59”

Color Green – So Far Behind

Color Green is back with the smoothly mellow “So Far Behind.” Color Green is a Californian cosmic folk rock group fronted by Noah Kohll and Corey Madden, and their dreamy debut EP was one of the top releases of the last year. On their new single, their production may be a little more polished, butContinue reading “Color Green – So Far Behind”

November 2021 Roundup

November was a crazy busy month here at RCU towers, so I didn’t get a chance to feature nearly as many releases as I would have liked, so here’s a collection of other highlights that I dug this month and would strongly recommend that you buy today, the last Bandcamp Friday of the year! CheckContinue reading “November 2021 Roundup”