Francie Moon – What Are We Really Even Doing?

Francie Moon is a New Jersey garage rock staple, and their latest album is a prime example of why that’s true. What Are We Really Even Doing?, which came out this week on Halfshell Records, is a blazing mix of fierce psychedelic rock and riotous surf punk. Elements of The Ventures, Shannon and The ClamsContinue reading “Francie Moon – What Are We Really Even Doing?”

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 71

The 71st (!) episode of The Record Crates United Mixtape mixes together some heavy molten blue rock with some psychedelic jams and a few cosmic singles of yore. Check it out: Keith Speaks! (1) Ill Fitting Suit – Color Green – s/t Bearings – Camino Sound – s/t You’re Going to Need Somebody (live atContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 71”

Lindsay Clark – Carpe Noctem

Lindsay Clark’s latest record, Carpe Noctem, is a timeless album of pastoral beauty and genuine heart that recalls the works of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. Clark, a Portland, OR based singer-songwriter, always writes from an emotionally honest place, but this album might be her most revealing LP yet. Broken relationships and the desire toContinue reading “Lindsay Clark – Carpe Noctem”

Seawind of Battery – Clockwatching

Seawind of Battery’s Clockwatching is a moving ambient country record that makes you feel as though you’re floating through a sunrise daydream. The inaugural release of Island House Recordings, Clockwatching finds Mike Horn (of Goldkey and Sunblinders) conjuring up cosmic Americana atmospheres rich in both melancholia and the peace of secluded nature. Throughout the tape’sContinue reading “Seawind of Battery – Clockwatching”

New Music Video and Album by Eli Winter Announced

Eli Winter is easily one of the brightest talents in the world of solo guitar music to have emerged over the last several years, and the arrival of any new material by the young musician is a cause for celebration. However, the record that’s been announced today, a self-titled LP due to be released throughContinue reading “New Music Video and Album by Eli Winter Announced”

Madalitso Band – Musakayike

Need music that’ll add some cheer into your life? Then try out Madalitso Band’s latest LP on Bongo Joe Records, Musakayike. Available today on black or red clay vinyl and digital, this album features the Malawian band serving up infectious rhythms with the most minimal of set ups. Armed with just a four string acousticContinue reading “Madalitso Band – Musakayike”

The Ephemeral and Sincere Nature of Little Wings’ Zephyr: A Conversation with Kyle Field

Tomorrow, Sun Cru Music will be reissuing Little Wings’ Zephyr, a mysterious and charming cassette-only album, on vinyl for the first time ever. I chatted with Little Wings, real name Kyle Field, about the record, his songwriting process and Lil Wayne. Check it out: Record Crates United: So when you were growing up, what songsContinue reading “The Ephemeral and Sincere Nature of Little Wings’ Zephyr: A Conversation with Kyle Field”

Submerged in the Bardo Bath

I spent my Friday night lying on the floor of Brooklyn’s Weylin building, while liquid light projections, the freeform acid rock of Garcia Peoples and an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity floated all around me. Who do I have to thank for this truly one-of-a-kind experience? Psychedelic Sangha. Psychedelic Sangha is a Brooklyn-based organization thatContinue reading “Submerged in the Bardo Bath”

The Launch of Record Crates United Presents

We’re thrilled to say we held Record Crates United’s first ever event yesterday, and it couldn’t have gone any better. Held in my backyard as a partial belated housewarming party and test run for our equipment and surroundings, our little DIY show was a mellow but spirited occasion. We invited a couple of New JerseyContinue reading “The Launch of Record Crates United Presents”

Music from Saharan WhatsApp – Various Artists

Through the use of WhatsApp, Sahel Sounds has documented some of the best performers from throughout the Saharan region of the last few years. This record is a collection of the most raw and magnetic of those recordings. Two years ago, the label founded a project called Music from Saharan WhatsApp, which featured immediate digitalContinue reading “Music from Saharan WhatsApp – Various Artists”