An Interview with Danny Arakaki

(Poster art by D. Norsen) Danny Arakaki, of Garcia Peoples, recently released a total stunner of a solo album on Ryley Walker’s Husky Pants Records, and it goes by the name Tumble in Shade. The LP reveals just how wide of a range Arakaki possesses as a musician, songwriter and as a music lover. AcrossContinue reading “An Interview with Danny Arakaki”

The Record Crates United Mixtape Returns

Howdy, folks! Just dropping a quick word here to inform you that my web radio show, The Record Crates United Mixtape, will be hitting the cyber airwaves once again. Head to Electromagnetic Radio this and every Wednesday night from 7-9PM EST, as I spin all kinds of underground and independent sounds LIVE. That’s right, we’reContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape Returns”