Festival Friday: The 1968 Newport Folk Festival

The 1968 Newport Folk Festival The Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island, isn’t obscure by any means; in fact, it’s a rather historic and culturally relevant event that still continues (very successfully) today. In terms of the individual yearly events, the ones you mainly hear most about include the 1965 festival where Dylan notoriouslyContinue reading “Festival Friday: The 1968 Newport Folk Festival”

Festival Fridays: The Powder Ridge Rock Festival

It’s finally summer once again here again at RCU Towers, so that means it’s officially music festival season. When it comes to rock festivals of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, everyone generally knows about Woodstock, Altamont and Monterey Pop. However, during this time period, while giant music festivals were still a fairly new thing,Continue reading “Festival Fridays: The Powder Ridge Rock Festival”