Aux Meadows – Dust Kingdom

Listening to Aux Meadow’s new slice of rural psychedelia is like… …sitting barefoot in the grass and feeling the warmth of the early morning sun kiss your face…. ….lazy kayak rides through sleepy rivers under shady trees…. …quiet drives down empty country roads just before a rain shower… …inviting someone close to you inside, and…

Single Premiere: The Far Sound – “Finding The Temple”

Shades of the sensual and the unreal sway and slink throughout the latest single by experimental pedal steel exotica artist, The Far Sound. The Far Sound, A.K.A Rick Pedrosa from Abronia and Federale, appears to be informed by everything from bluegrass to psychedelic rock to even classical Hindustani music. You hear all of these influences…

Jeffrey Silverstein – Western Sky Music

Jeffrey Silverstein’s second full-length LP is a new golden standard for cosmic Americana music. Out today on the great Arrowhawk Records, this album features perhaps the most fully realized version of the PNW-based artist’s sound. If you follow each of Silverstein’s releases in chronological order, you’ll hear his sonic horizons expand until he has a…


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