BKO – Djine Bora

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting records of the year is certainly BKO’s electrifying Djine Bora. BKO, a popular Malian quintet, blend together facets of western rock music with traditional Mandinka modes and rhythms. Many of the group’s songs are based around the twisting double helix interplay of a of fuzzed-up Djeli N’goni,Continue reading “BKO – Djine Bora”

Madalitso Band – Musakayike

Need music that’ll add some cheer into your life? Then try out Madalitso Band’s latest LP on Bongo Joe Records, Musakayike. Available today on black or red clay vinyl and digital, this album features the Malawian band serving up infectious rhythms with the most minimal of set ups. Armed with just a four string acousticContinue reading “Madalitso Band – Musakayike”

September Roundup – Volume 2

In spite of COVID, the continued effects of the pandemic and the unearthly firescapes that are currently decimating the west coast, this fall is proving to be an abundantly fruitful season for excellent new releases. So this month absolutely called for a second volume of our roundup. Check out some of the killer new albumsContinue reading “September Roundup – Volume 2”