Linda Smith & Nancy Andrews – “Spare Me The Details”

Linda Smith and Nancy Andrews, longtime collaborators and veterans of the underground rock scenes of the ’80s and ’90s, have reunited to rekindle their former creative magic on a brand new LP on Grapefruit Records, called A Passing Cloud. Recorded via filesharing during the pandemic, this album (which is available now for preorder, and willContinue reading “Linda Smith & Nancy Andrews – “Spare Me The Details””

Smoke Bellow – Open for Business

On Open for Business, Smoke Bellow prove themselves to be absolute masters of musical hybridization. Released today on Trouble in Mind Records, Smoke Bellow’s Open for Business is a colorful pop record that cherry picks various tasty elements from a variety of contrasting styles, and melts them together into a totally new and wildly entertainingContinue reading “Smoke Bellow – Open for Business”