Elkhorn – On The Whole Universe In All Directions

With the use of a vibraphone, Elkhorn has once again changed the name of the game. Available today on Centripetal Force and Cardinal Fuzz, On The Whole Universe In All Directions finds the Philly/NYC guitar duo expanding their sound and transforming their entire dynamic by placing Drew Gardner on vibraphones and drums, instead of behindContinue reading “Elkhorn – On The Whole Universe In All Directions”

Harry Taussig – 80

On his latest album on Tompkins Square Records, solo guitar legend Harry Taussig shows that age is not a deterring factor when it comes to exquisite fingerpicking. Available today, 80 finds the octogenarian guitarist blending aspects of European classical music with the traditions of American folk. Across the album’s eleven tracks, you can certainly detectContinue reading “Harry Taussig – 80”

Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble – III

On his third album, Elijah McLaughlin continues to prove himself to be one of the most adventurous and progressive artists in the modern wave of solo guitar music. Available now through Astral Spirits, III finds the Chicago-based musician exploring new sonic possibilities by weaving synthesizer drones, piano, dulcimer and cello into his acoustic fingerpicking fantasias.Continue reading “Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble – III”

Joseph Allred – For The Fallen Dawn

Joseph Allred’s latest, For The Fallen Dawn, is a collection of meditative solo instrumentals that takes your mind through muggy river baptisms, over scorching dunes under a Saharan sky and deep within shadowy forests at twilight. Available now through Island House Recordings, this album features the Tennessee-dwelling Allred drawing on elements of blues fingerpicking, SpanishContinue reading “Joseph Allred – For The Fallen Dawn”

Lord & Sharp – Kiwi

Lord & Sharp’s Kiwi is a breezy ocean of astral guitars and synthesizers that transports you to a peaceful headspace with each and every listen. Available today through Aural Canyon Records, Kiwi finds the Texan experimental duo of Neil Lord (Future Museums) and Mike Sharp (of Joys Union Group) channelling their inner Elkhorn by improvisingContinue reading “Lord & Sharp – Kiwi”

V/A – Solstice: A Tribute to Steffen Basho​-​Junghans

Buck Curran’s beautifully curated tribute to his recently departed friend, guitarist Steffen Basho-Junghans, is a touching memorial with contributions by some of the many great artists he influenced over the years. When Basho-Junghans passed at the beginning of December, the music world lost a remarkable and truly unique figure, and many lost a dear friend.Continue reading “V/A – Solstice: A Tribute to Steffen Basho​-​Junghans”

Davide Cedolin – Ligurian Pastoral

Davide Cedolin’s latest album is a personal record of bucolic solo guitar music that recalls the sights and environments of his home in Italy. Available on cassette and digital through Island House Recordings, Ligurian Pastoral features Cedolin’s acoustic fingerpicking weaving through hazes of organ, harmonica and the occasional field recording, as well as some reverb-drenchedContinue reading “Davide Cedolin – Ligurian Pastoral”

ML Rootless – s/t & Matt LaJoie – Crop Circle

A few weeks ago, Flower Room Records released two incredible albums simultaneously, so I figured it would be best to cover them both together. ML Rootless – s/t Matt LaJoie and Rootless is a match made in solo ambient guitar heaven. The two artists bring the best out of each other while jamming on aContinue reading “ML Rootless – s/t & Matt LaJoie – Crop Circle”

Dave Heumann – Guitar Tapes Vol 1

Armed with just an electric guitar, Dave Heumann takes you to stoic, idyllic places on Guitar Tapes Vol. 1. On this record, Heumann, of whom you may know of as the head of Arbouretum, plays seven sprawling electric guitar improvisations without any overdubs or accompanists. With such a simplified set up, Heumann focuses hard onContinue reading “Dave Heumann – Guitar Tapes Vol 1”

Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble – II

It wasn’t going to be easy for guitarist Elijah McLaughlin to outdo his brilliant 2020 debut album, but he certainly achieved that feat with this majestic LP of improvised chamber folk music Available this Friday on good ol’ Tompkins Square Records, Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble II features the trio of musicians (Joel Styzens on hammered dulcimerContinue reading “Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble – II”