Jens – Be As Good To Others As They Are Not To You

Veteran Swedish psych-rocker, Jens Unosson, gets deeply introspective on this earthy acid folk burner. Available through High on the Pygtrack Records, Be As Good To Others As They Are Not To You is an intensely personal dirge full of grief and an undying need for peace of mind. You can feel the years of struggle,Continue reading “Jens – Be As Good To Others As They Are Not To You”

PG Six – Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites (2023 Expanded Edition)

Sounding just as out of time as it did when it was first released over 20 years ago, Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites reminds us of PG Six’s ability to use the album format to craft entire sonic realms by hand. PG Six’s 4-track odyssey is a dreamlike combination of UK folk, psychedelic rock andContinue reading “PG Six – Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites (2023 Expanded Edition)”

Blake Hornsby – A Collection of Tradition Folk Songs & Tunes Vol. 1

Armed with banjos and an entire esoteric folk crew, Blake Hornsby studies and draws connections between classic entries in the Appalachian and the UK folk canon. Hornsby, an Asheville, NC based artist, is known for blending psychedelia into solo guitar music (or what has been branded as “American primitive guitar music”). While the main focusContinue reading “Blake Hornsby – A Collection of Tradition Folk Songs & Tunes Vol. 1”

Ruthann Friedman – Hurried Life: Lost Recordings, 1965-1971

For Record Store Day’s “Drop 2” this Saturday, keep an eye out for the first ever vinyl issue of Hurried Life: Lost Recordings, 1965-1971, by astral folk cult favorite, Ruthann Friedman. Originally released in 2006 on CD and finally pressed onto black plastic this year by Tompkins Square Records, Hurried Life features 15 demos, homeContinue reading “Ruthann Friedman – Hurried Life: Lost Recordings, 1965-1971”

Widow’s Weeds – Revenant

With the atmosphere of a pagan folk tale and a Victorian ghost story, Widow’s Weeds’ debut is a bewitching affair that perfectly marries dark dream pop with chamber music and gothic electro experimentation. Widow’s Weeds is a collaboration of The Hare and The Moon’s Grey Malkin, darkwave practitioners Daughters of Grief and Hidden Velvet, alongContinue reading “Widow’s Weeds – Revenant”

Reticence – This Time Might be The Golden One at Last

Reticence (A.K.A. Aaron Riverwood) has returned with an album that continues to prove that some of today’s best cosmic guitar music is coming out of New England. Based in Massachusetts, Riverwood channels the glistening stars, flowing rivers and ancient northern forests through his emotive guitar playing. His music never ceases to move and transport theContinue reading “Reticence – This Time Might be The Golden One at Last”

Null Zone: Rootless – Emptied Spaces & Prana Crafter – 3rd Ear Incantations

The great people at Null Zone have a couple of exciting new releases that benefit for a very good cause. All proceeds from the pre-orders of Emptied Spaces by Rootless and 3rd Ear Incantations by Prana Crafter will go to the Garrie Vereen Memorial Emergency Relief Fund, which is organized and run by Nuçi’s Space in Athens, GA.Continue reading “Null Zone: Rootless – Emptied Spaces & Prana Crafter – 3rd Ear Incantations”

April 2020 Roundup – Volume 2

While we all may be stuck at home, great music continues to pour in through our mailboxes and computers. Here are some more of the best sounds that have reached our ears this month… The Prefab Messiahs – “21st Century Failure” Always with their finger on the pulse of society’s ills, The Prefab Messiahs haveContinue reading “April 2020 Roundup – Volume 2”

Single Premiere: “Birdsong” by Wax Machine

Winter may not be over quite yet, but Brighton, England’s psychedelic reengages, Wax Machine, are bringing the heat with their new single, “Birdsong.” In the band’s own words, “Birdsong channels the divine energy of the sun. That which inspires flowers to bloom and birds to sing.” Bask in the rays of an early spring andContinue reading “Single Premiere: “Birdsong” by Wax Machine”

Dark Leaves – Grey Stone in The Wood

The shade of a forgotten grave, the call of a starling unseen, and resurrected secrets of the old gods are but a few of the many strange and wonderful things that dwell within the music of Grey Stone in The Wood. Dark Leaves, the current solo project of Patrick Aston, blends the starker sounds of EnglishContinue reading “Dark Leaves – Grey Stone in The Wood”