Bob Martin’s Final Album Sees Release on Worried Songs

With the assistance of Jerry David DeCicca and The Black Swans, the last record by the recently departed cult folk rocker Bob Martin will be released through Worried Songs on May 19. Martin, a Lowell, Mass. born singer-songwriter, recorded a handful of albums sporadically between the 1970’s and 2010’s, and is perhaps best known forContinue reading “Bob Martin’s Final Album Sees Release on Worried Songs”

Single Premiere: “Chestnut Street Blues,” by Wes Tirey

One of today’s best examples of a ‘songwriter’s songwriter,’ Wes Tirey uses his words to paint a rich and realistic small town atmosphere on this new single from the upcoming reissue of his brilliant No Winners in the Blues. Originally released in a small cassette run in 2019, No Winners in the Blues is availableContinue reading “Single Premiere: “Chestnut Street Blues,” by Wes Tirey”

Isla Craig – Echo’s Reach

Singer-songwriter Isla Craig shows just how original and eclectic of an artist she truly is on her latest LP, Echo’s Reach. Available through Idée Fixe Records, this album finds the Toronto-based musician decorating her achingly human ballads with refreshing sea breeze-like harmony vocals and a bank of complimentary instruments, such as smoky saxophone, piano andContinue reading “Isla Craig – Echo’s Reach”

Lou Turner – Microcosmos

On her latest record, Microcosmos, Lou Turner illustrates the joy, sorrow and humor of the tiny details of everyday life, as seen through a slightly surreal lens. Nashville songwriter and poet Lou Turner (aka Lauren Turner) is in top form on this album, skirting along the edge of country and psych-tinged folk rock with aContinue reading “Lou Turner – Microcosmos”

After a Long Hiatus, Small Sur Drops a New Track and Announces his Next LP on Worried Songs

Fatherhood and the COVID pandemic kept Small Sur, AKA Bob Keal, a Baltimore-based alternative country-folk artist, from releasing a new record since 2014. Yet, the challenges and new responsibilities that came with being a teacher, parent and partner during COVID, along with the constant support of his friends and fellow musicians, helped Keal to notContinue reading “After a Long Hiatus, Small Sur Drops a New Track and Announces his Next LP on Worried Songs”

Joan Shelley – The Spur

Joan Shelley’s latest album, The Spur, is a record of raw beauty and naked emotions that’ll resonate with you down to your very DNA. Released on No Quarter Records, this album features some of Shelley’s most wistful songwriting yet, as she reflects on the bleakness of our present and the perhaps weakened rays of hopeContinue reading “Joan Shelley – The Spur”

Lindsay Clark – Carpe Noctem

Lindsay Clark’s latest record, Carpe Noctem, is a timeless album of pastoral beauty and genuine heart that recalls the works of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. Clark, a Portland, OR based singer-songwriter, always writes from an emotionally honest place, but this album might be her most revealing LP yet. Broken relationships and the desire toContinue reading “Lindsay Clark – Carpe Noctem”

Simon Joyner – Songs From a Stolen Guitar

Songs from a Stolen Guitar is an absolute career highlight for Omaha-based singer-songwriter Simon Joyner. Available this Friday through Grapefruit Records, this album finds Joyner in a deeply subdued mood. Each song glows softly with a hushed yet warm atmosphere, as if you’re listening in on a private late-night living room rehearsal. The entire recordContinue reading “Simon Joyner – Songs From a Stolen Guitar”

Single Premiere: “Wednesday” by J.M. Hart

J.M. Hart sings of the woes and wares of the working man on “Wednesday,” the lead single from his upcoming record, Slips, Trips, & Falls. If you’re new to RCU, Hart is an exceptionally personal and genuine singer-songwriter and podcaster based in Virginia. His music is often a blend of different aspects of the folkContinue reading “Single Premiere: “Wednesday” by J.M. Hart”

Zachary Cale – Skywriting

Skywriting finds singer-songwriter Zachary Cale reflecting on life out on the road with a full band and an introspective outlook. The Brooklyn-based Cale has several albums under his belt already, but this might be his most dynamic and mature release to date. The lyrics here often reveal a sense of self-awareness and acceptance that onlyContinue reading “Zachary Cale – Skywriting”