The Duke of Surl- A Break In The Wave [Garage Rock/Indie Rock]

The Duke has returned once again! This time around, the new single is a roasting nugget of pure guitar fuzz. Set to a stomping rhythm, The Duke (A.K.A. Will Brown) here electrifies the listener like King Tuff being plugged into Crazy Horse’s distortion peddles. Wave after wave of raw, raunchy guitar builds and crashes overContinue reading “The Duke of Surl- A Break In The Wave [Garage Rock/Indie Rock]”

The Braves- Side by Side [Indie Rock]

The Braves’ latest track, “Side by Side,” proves that once again, some of the most exciting music these days is coming out of the Australian continent. These Melbournians play a dark and smoky style of guttural rock that fits somewhere between the likes of Reverend Horton Heat and later-day Iggy Pop. “Side By Side” isContinue reading “The Braves- Side by Side [Indie Rock]”