The Record Crates United Mixtape 80

We’re celebrating the winter solstice today with this week’s episode. Greet the oncoming chill with this mix of wassailing tunes, icy ambient tracks and holiday songs from the likes of Martin Carthy, The Howard Hughes Suite and Joseph Decosimo. Check it out: -KH

The Record Crates United Mixtape 78

I’m putting out the next episode early, so I decided to stick with music that has a sort of Thanksgiving-kinda mood (which to me means wooden autumnal vibes and rootsy Basement Tapes sort of partying). Seeing that it is Thanksgiving here, would you please consider donating to help indigenous communities in need. Click here toContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape 78”

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 77

To be honest, the dismal news we’ve been getting from around the world has been getting to me lately, so I spent an extra long time crafting a mix that would cheer me up. My hopes that if it could raise my spirits, it would do the same for all of you. Presented in aContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 77”

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 76

This week’s episode starts off with some cozy, yet slightly spooky November folk vibes, then the second set is dominated by healing ambient tracks. Perfect listening for weeks like these when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. Give it a listen: -KH

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Autumn 2022 Mix with Allysen Callery

We are honored to have this year’s autumn mix curated and co-hosted by the great Rhode Island singer-songwriter, Allysen Callery (the unofficial New England queen of autumnal sounds). 1. Days of Rum – Marissa Nadler2. Lovebirds – Mike Bruno3. Moonshine (1975 TV performance) – Bert Jansch with Ralph McTell4. Condor Avenue – Elliott Smith5. InContinue reading The Record Crates United Mixtape – Autumn 2022 Mix with Allysen Callery

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 75

This episode intermingles daring contemporary jazz with cosmic ambient dreamscapes and a bit of folk rock to give you a little taste of autumn. Check it out below: If you like what you’re reading, please help keep RCU thriving. You can show your support by becoming a patron at our Patreon account or you can make aContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 75”

Elkhorn’s Roots of Distances Mix

On September 16th, Elkhorn will be setting loose their next LP, Distances, on Feeding Tube Records. It’s a primal force of nature that tangles thunderous riffs with whirlwind melodies and torrential solos. Jesse Sheppard and Drew Gardner teamed up with two different drummers, Nate Scheible and Ian McColm, for this joint, and the added percussionContinue reading “Elkhorn’s Roots of Distances Mix”

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 74

This episode opens with a taste of what to expect from our upcoming RCU Presents concert, with a track each by Seawind of Battery, Rootless and Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders. Click the checkout button below to get a ticket today! (And click here for more information). (If you want to avoid Eveentbrite fees,Continue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 74”

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 73

This week’s episode is a good catch up of what I’ve been listening to lately, including new music by many RCU faves like Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble, Joseph Allred, Lou Turner and many others. Check it out below! Keith Speaks! (1) Mögliche, Mögliche | Rekursiv- Primoridal Undermind – An Imaginal Abydos Khedmat Be Khalqخدماتبهخلق – NaujawananContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 73”

The Record Crates United Mixtape REISSUE: Episode 9

I’m taking the week off from recording, so here’s a throwback. This is the playlist of Episode 9 of The Record Crates United. This was an extended special for autumn from my first year on Dune Buggy Radio, which featured nothing but English folk and psych-folk artists. With this week’s heatwave, I thought you mightContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape REISSUE: Episode 9”