Espers and Vetiver, White Eagle Hall 8.26.18

Espers The moon was full, the clouds parted and the earliest hint of autumn was in the air, so this was the perfect time for Espers to emerge once again. For fans like myself that could never catch the band live during their heyday, it started to really feel like that was truly how itContinue reading “Espers and Vetiver, White Eagle Hall 8.26.18”

Animals of Grace – Brambles

We are living in a particularly rough and turbulent time right now, so we certainly need the hopeful sound that can be heard on Animals of Grace’s Brambles. Comprised of guitarist and singer Erika Lundahl and percussionist Doug Indrick, Animals of Grace play gorgeously written songs that are pure as nature with glossy harmonies andContinue reading “Animals of Grace – Brambles”

Sharron Kraus- Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers

Sharron Kraus Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers (Clay Pipe Music) Any music by Sharron Kraus is bound to be good. No, scratch that. Any recording by Sharron Kraus is bound to be good. Even if she released an mp3 of herself reading a restaurant menu, I’m sure it would be enjoyable on some level.Continue reading “Sharron Kraus- Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers”