The Record Crates United Mixtape Halloween 2022 Special

Halloween is when we honor the dead and the undead, so what better time than now to celebrate the eternal life of Roky Erickson, one of the truly immortal forces of rock and roll? For this year’s Halloween playlist, I have built an aural alter to pay homage to this inimitable spirit that assisted inContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape Halloween 2022 Special”

My Top 10 Favorite Horror Soundtracks

Horror film soundtracks arguably may be the most innovative, complex and creative type of film score. The composer along with the producers and sound engineers have to sonically create a body of work that can unsettle, disturb and intensify an audience as much if not more so than the film it accompanies. Many of theseContinue reading “My Top 10 Favorite Horror Soundtracks”

Halloween Music

As many people do, I get into the Halloween spirit from watching horror films and reading stories about the paranormal and supernatural. Yet what seems to get me most in the mood for the season is listening to creepy, unsettling atmospheric music. Most of the perfect examples of this kind of music comes from theContinue reading “Halloween Music”