Violet Nox – Twin Flame

If Violet Nox’s new two-track EP is anything to go by, the band is only getting stronger and more cosmic with each passing release. Opening Twin Flame is the enigmatic “Swan Pond,” which immediately grabs you and thrusts your mind onto a vibrant and surreal sonic journey. The song begins with a subtle electronic pulse, tickingContinue reading “Violet Nox – Twin Flame”

Violet Nox- Nebula [Psychedelic/Electronica/Experimental]

Nebula is a suitably titled debut album of swirling, amorphous electro-psychedelic noise by Bostonian tripsters, Violet Nox. The album positively radiates with the talent of several prominent members of Boston’s underground psych/experimental music scene like Karen Zanes on guitar and vocals, Kris Thompson (of The Prefab Messiahs/Abunai!) on synths and the production work of GaryContinue reading “Violet Nox- Nebula [Psychedelic/Electronica/Experimental]”