Weak Signal, Evolfo and Howlin’ Rain at The Knitting Factory, 6/28/22

(All photos by @RoseGardens – thank you, Rose!) The night of June 28th was an evening of rock and roll communion. A balm for the wounded soul. It will, thankfully, not be easy to forget.  Weak Signal, Evolfo and Howlin’ Rain—three entirely different bands with three entirely distinct sounds took the stage at the soon-to-beContinue reading “Weak Signal, Evolfo and Howlin’ Rain at The Knitting Factory, 6/28/22”

Weak Signal – War and War

Weak Signal has come roaring back into our lives with the smoldering War and War. Available today on their Bandcamp page, this album finds Weak Signal at perhaps their grittiest. The guitars on this album rumble and snarl with the deepest and darkest fuzz imaginable while the drums and bass thump deeply with the gravityContinue reading “Weak Signal – War and War”

Weak Signal – Bianca

Weak Signal absolutely ignites on Bianca, which is released on vinyl today through Colonel Records. Originally available last year briefly as an unmastered Bandcamp-only release, Bianca is the power trio (led by Mike Bones) grittier than ever and cranked up loud. The album features snarling buzzsaw guitar cutting across growling bass lines and the mostContinue reading “Weak Signal – Bianca”