Record Store Viewing #6

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a post about one film, but rather one unique shop. Some cities and towns are not blessed with any physical place to buy music, let alone an independent record store. This absolute crime is and has been rectified by The Third Man Rolling Record Store.

Here’s a fun ad for the truck that stars Jack White, back when it debuted in 2011:

Probably the best ‘documentary’ type clip about the mobile shop that I have been able to locate is a short feature on Noisey’s Record Shop Dude video series (which I would recommend to all of you, as it is close in spirit to my own blog series here).

Another great thing about the truck, which tends to roll from city-to-city, festival-to-festival, is that you never know who’s going to pop out of it for a quick show. Like that time when Jack White and Seasick Steve put on a impromptu show in a parking lot during 2011’s SXSW.

My girlfriend’s father told me he came across the truck on his recent trip to Atlanta and Savannah (thinking it was an ice cream truck), but here’s to hoping that I (and you) will see it parked nearby sometime soon.


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