It’s that time again when you can finally put a sound to the words that I’ve been writing. It’s my second mix of songs via that are related to the last batch of posts (since the last mix anyway).

The full tracklisting:
1. Somewhere Between- Six Organs of Admittance
2. Dead Flowers- Six Organs of Admittance
3. Beatles- Christian Bland and The Revelators
4. Everywhere was Everything- Flying Saucer Attack
5. Land Beyond The Sun- Flying Saucer Attack
6. Must Be BRGRTV- Free Weed
7. Thirsty Boots- Bob Dylan
8. Jamestown Exhibition- Bayless Rose
9. If Only- Black Sonic Revolver
10. I Always Knew It- Black Sonic Revolver
11. Shake Sugaree- Elizabeth Cotten
12. Jumpin’ Jack- Elizabeth Cotten
13. Dolly Bug- The Bevis Frond

By the way, have you checked out my 8tracks account? I have over 200 mixes there that explore all sorts of themes, eras, genres, artists, films, countries, etc. In case you want a link that goes straight to my profile, check it out here:


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