Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at Woodstock

If you’ve been following along with my Instagram stories, you would’ve seen that I have been posting clips of every performance at the Woodstock festival, which happened this week exactly 48 years ago. While on the hunt for some of the more rare and under-seen videos (still holding out for someone to have footage of Keef Hartley’s set, but alas, the search goes on) and I came across this excellent video of some of the most elusive footage from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s performance. It’s been stitched together from a variety of sources including bootlegs and official films and blended rather professionally along with the best available audio. It’s an intriguing watch to say the least, especially when you consider that this set was only the second time that the band ever performed in front of an audience.

Songs include:

  • Blackbird
  • Helplessly Hoping
  • Marrakesh Express
  • Mr. Soul
  • Long Time Gone




Published by Record Crates United

Keith Hadad, the creator and manager of RCU, has been a contributing writer to Elmore Magazine and and maintains a regular column, “Keith Hadad’s Choice,” in Blicker magazine. His writing has also appeared in the Smithsonian Folkways' Guest Blog and the Optical Sounds Fanzine. Also, please check out the blog's super-active Instagram account, @recordcratesunited for daily blurb-styled music reviews.

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