Track Not Found – The Only Way is Lost [Grunge/Riot Grrrl/Punk/Metal]


Track Not Found’s The Only Way is Lost is a burst of sonic napalm that scorches everything in its path.

Hailing from Guernsey, England, this fresh, ass-kicking trio plays with the wrath and confidence of a band that has been on the scene four times as long.

TNF’s EP might be short, but it sure packs one hell of a punch. The record positively explodes with metallic and fuzzy guitar work that snarls and howls along with defiant, roaring vocals and pyrotechnic drumming.

While each track on here could easily become a potent, angsty-anthem (which is a very good thing) it’s the chilling “Code Red” that demands the most attention. The vocal performance goes from a visceral, near-traumatized sounding shiver to powerful, belting shouts that grow in fierce strength as the rest of the group joins in. To top it off, the sludgy riffs and concussing drums on this track will make any capable person within ear shot start headbanging after the first minute.

Existing somewhere between the buzzing, mucky world of Tad, the harsh grunge rock of The Gits and the primal bashing of L7, every town needs a band like Track Not Found.

You can hear their EP here:





Published by Record Crates United

Keith Hadad, the creator and manager of RCU, has been a contributing writer to Elmore Magazine and and maintains a regular column, “Keith Hadad’s Choice,” in Blicker magazine. His writing has also appeared in the Smithsonian Folkways' Guest Blog and the Optical Sounds Fanzine. Also, please check out the blog's super-active Instagram account, @recordcratesunited for daily blurb-styled music reviews.

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