The Duke of Surl, Track Not Found & More: Spring Update

It’s been a fairly busy few months for those of us here at RCU, but while trying to catch up, many of our favorite recently reviewed and featured artists have been quite busy themselves. From new videos to live EPs and full-length albums, these artists have been hard at work making the world a better place (for our ears and minds at least). Here’s a sampling of what’s been cooking lately:

The Duke of Surl – Blue Ribbon Child


The Duke (Will Brown) is at it once again. This garage-y power pop single will dance in your head all day long, no matter what you do. Buzzy, catchy as hell and ripe with a youthful attitude, this is the kind of song that you’re going to want to hear every time you get ready to go out on a Saturday night. Check this baby out on The Duke’s Bandcamp page:

Track Not Found –  Science (Gone Wrong) single & Ecstasy (live video)


Guernsey’s Track Not Found, a gloriously cacophonous punk trio, have been blasting ear drums, expectations and genre-boundaries since 2016.

“Science (Gone Wrong)” is a new single from the group’s upcoming album and man, it absolutely kicks ass. Arresting vocals,  primal rhythms and guitar work that’ll chop your head off would be enough to grab my attention, but the track also boasts an ear-tugging melodic chorus that I just can’t help but love. Check it out below:

While their studio recordings are exciting in their own right, their live material is an absolute thrill to behold. So it’s an absolute privilege to view the (literal) pyrotechnics in action in this newly released live performance of the guttural chaos that is “Ecstasy.” Check this out:

Spencer Robinson & The Wolf Spiders – Live & Acoustic on Hot Licks with Lina


Okay, time for a palette cleanser. Spencer Robinson and The Wolf Spiders continue their smoky, desert-rock excursions on this excellent live radio set. While far more stripped down than the full-length Beneath The Surface album, the performance here is still very arid and very intense. If these tracks don’t conjure up surreal desolate imagery, like something out of Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man, then then I think you might have to give it a few more listens.

Sun Voyager – Seismic Vibes 


…and finally, we visit another of the many bands that orbits around the mighty King Pizza Records; the equally mighty Sun Voyager. The new record is absolutely bursting with pummeling hard acid rock and fuzzy, interstellar sonic attacks. Every track here blows your mind clear across the room while shaking you down to your bones. Fun stuff!  Be sure to track down the limited gold or white vinyl, while you can!



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