Brewster – Bird in An Airport/Kiss Me While I’m Down


If these two newly released tracks by Brewster are anything to go by, then his upcoming full-length record is going to be truly something special.

Brewster (Mark Bucci) is an introspective and vastly imaginative singer-songwriter based at his bedroom studio in Northern New Jersey. Bucci’s sound is both melancholic and playful, combining acoustic and electronic elements and setting them to ear-catching folk-pop melodies.

Across these two tracks, Bucci pulls you into his world via his addictive hooks, smooth voice and charming rhythms, and then reveals a passionate and clever lyricist.

Lines like “I can’t just crown and wane like a bird in an airport,” are nearly Dylan-esque in their poignant symbolism, while lines such as “’forgive me my lord, for the things that I do when I’m bored’, something I read once on a shirt at a dollar store, it’s solid advice,” are dry, witty and still somehow tender, much like something out of a Courtney Barnett tune. Bucci is clearly gifted in a variety of ways, but especially with words.


Again, with his first solo single being this strong; Brewster is clearly destined for great things.

You can grab the Bird in An Airport/Kiss Me While I’m Down single on limited edition cassette or digitally here ahead of the upcoming debut album (released by Great Grief Records).




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