About a decade ago, Chile began to experience a new wave of superb, psychedelic-inspired music, spear-headed by bands like Föllakzoid, WatchOut! and The Holydrug Couple. All these many years later, THDC is still showing that some of the most exciting sounds in contemporary acid rock are coming from the South American continent.

Hyper Super Mega finds the Chilean duo channeling the electro-space pop of groups like Tame Impala and I Monster, and combining it with the sunny neo-psychedelia of The Sunshine Fix and early Dungen.

The entire record radiates with hazy, smooth harmonies, chill beats and a warmly stoned atmosphere that would put any listener into a verycool, verymellow state. Many of the tracks here are irresistibly danceable, like “Forever End” and “Ikebana Telephone Line,” which hook the listener instantly with their deliciously hypnotic rhythms and feverish synths. However, the album is nicely balanced with an equal amount of dreamy, laid-back trips, like the acoustic-electro blend of “Easy” and the Edgar Froese-like ambience of “Western Shade.”

Production-wise, this is the most complex and multifaceted album by the group thus far. Each song is made up by a multitude of tightly intertwining layers of electronic pulses and waves, which swirl around the listener, intermingling with heavily processed vocals and a whole galaxy of other instruments and synthetic sounds. To say that this record takes the listener onto a cosmic journey would be a serious understatement.

Hyper Super Mega is a full-bodied astral experience that only gets more far out and more addicting with every listen.

The good people over at Sacred Bones Records are offering this new classic on standard black vinyl, CD and digital. The label has also released a limited edition red vinyl version (just 300 hand-numbered copies) which is beautifully housed in an alternate screen-printed wrap-around styled sleeve, which comes with a bonus, wax-sealed tape cassette filled with unreleased demos.



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