It’s Saturday morning, so let’s enjoy that time Soundgarden appeared on Bill Nye The Science Guy in 1993.

(This is one of the few times where the caption to a YouTube video has all of the info that I need, so I’m just going to quote what the uploader, All Things Soundgarden, wrote about the clip)

“Back in 1993 Soundgarden appeared on Bill Nye: Science Guy to show off their production/mixing techniques for an episode about “Sound.”

This particular episode featured the science of sound recording and the producers wanted to film a band recording a song in the studio. Just so happens that Soundgarden at this time were putting the final touches on their up-coming album.

The group and their engineer, Adam Kasper, talk about techniques of mixing and recording. They also belted out the song ‘Kick Stand.’

Kim Thayil: Bill Nye was compiling an episode about sound, and they asked if they could get a peek at the machinations of a recording studio and we said yes. They got some video footage of the band and Adam Kasper hanging around by the mixing board. I think we described the whole recording process as being a giant drinking straw.

Ben Shepherd: So Bill Nye the Science Guy came in and we did “Kickstand” for them. I think it was right before we started mixing, so the record was done and we did a whole segment. Yeah, that’s a weird episode of Bill Nye, talking about sound with Soundgarden.

Kim Thayil: We always had a warm spot for kids’ educational television. We always said if we were asked to do something on Sesame Street, we would do it, and that’s no joke.”

Nye and the Seattle-based show were no strangers to the then-current grunge and underground rock scenes, whether they were being referenced in science-themed parody music videos or when Mudhoney appeared, playing their own version of the show’s iconic theme song. The 90’s were a hell of a great time, weren’t they?




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