Francie Moon completely obliterates all expectations with the expanded cassette release of All The Same.

The New Jersey band kicks the tape off with a sludgy acid rocker that Bardo Pond would be proud of (“First Wave”), and then spirals off into a variety of contrasting directions, like laid-back dub grooves (“Dear Love”), or ethereal dream pop (“Feel All the Feelings”) and even frenzied garage firestorms (“In Between”). Every style that exists on this album is a genuine reflection of the many unique facets of the band’s musical genetic make-up.

Throughout the album, you’ll find surf guitars that moan and echo like the lonesome ghosts of The Ventures, anarchic drums and even the occasional flute, which only strengthens the album’s undercurrent breezy nature. The vocals are especially strong here, going from sly, Brenda Lee-like croons to defiant yelps and impassioned soaring notes that sound like they could go on forever. This is one crew that will have your ears’ attention in a chokehold until the very end of the album. Just imagine what seeing them live would be like.

There are plenty of exciting and unique bands all over the state of New Jersey, but nobody—and I mean nobody—sounds quite like the spontaneous, remarkable Francie Moon.

Get this limited tape (or download) from King Pizza Records today.










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