Creature of Doom – “Elephant in The Room”

Photo by Olivia McManus

The Dig’s David Baldwin has taken a spooky detour with the morose electro-pop of “Elephant in The Room,” the lead single from the upcoming Tears of Joy EP, by his new solo project, Creature of Doom.

Chilly drones, hushed harmonies and a sly, grooving beat thrive in this bumping track. Despite its moody sound, Baldwin isn’t taking himself too seriously. With lyrics like, “some days I’ll fight him off with a shotgun, some days I’ll fight him off with a broom, but mostly I just avoid making eye contact with the elephant in the room,” coupled with the track’s amusingly bizarre video, it’s obvious that things aren’t all dark with Baldwin. The artist even stated that, “I always wanted this project to sound like a funk band playing in a dungeon, and to me ‘Elephant In The Room’ encapsulates that sound as much as any song on the EP…”, which shows that everything with this cool song is to be taken with a little grain of salt.

Check out the video for this new track below and be sure to click here to purchase the track yourself.


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