Flow & Heady shows us a heavier, fiercer side of the Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band’s sound, and it’s very much welcomed.

Recorded in September at The Festival Of Endless Gratitude in Copenhagen, Jeffrey Alexander and his gang are joined here by Bell Lungs on vocals, violin and bird calls and The Myrrors’ Nik Rayne on guitar and clarinet, who add some interstellar grit to the jamming.

The album balances Pink Fairies-like astral freak-outs and ritualistic mysticism amazingly well, complete with thundering fuzz guitars, wordless chanting vocalizations and chunky primal beats. This is the kind of music that you could dance around a raging fire to in a forest somewhere for hours.

On each of the performances’ three tracks, the group explores the entire spectrum of volume and energy. Take for example the closing number, “Dr. Esperanto.” The song, which is peppered with shrieking violin and clarinet, roars and chugs along like a cosmic biker theme for most of its ten-minute run time. Yet it concludes with a subtle passage of quiet plucked strings and chiming percussion, which slightly echoes the reserved ceremonial vibe of the “By the Fireside” portion of the record’s first song.

For a riff-heavy ride into space, crank Flow & Heady and you’ll soon find yourself ascending momentarily.

You can get this smoky slab of interplanetary jams from Feeding Tube Records (if you’re in the US) and Cardinal Fuzz (if you’re in the UK).




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