Moved by the stark isolation of the pandemic, Sairie has returned with a striking new EP.

February’s beautiful Scarlet and Blue release was indeed a difficult act to follow, yet The Trembling Earth goes above and beyond and actually raises the bar for the group. Each of the three songs here—two new originals and a classic Thomas Moore poem—is a masterpiece of deeply atmospheric and heavily emotional British folk music that never loses its subtlety.

The tracks utilize singer Emma Morton’s lilting vocals to great, haunting effect. Aided by feathery guitar and autoharp, Morton gives these pastoral songs a haunting elegance that leaves you lost in a melancholic haze.

Across the EP, but especially on the icy opening track,”Silent O Moyle,” Morton’s multi-layered harmonies bring to mind the likes of Fern Knight and Sharron Kraus, while the backing instrumentation is reminiscent of the work of The Left Outsides and The Memory Band.

Fans of the British folk revival bands and the more down-to-earth side of psychedelic folk need to hear this new Sairie EP. Best of all, 100% of this release’s proceeds will be donated to Black Minds Matter. Click here to get your copy today.


Instead of donating to me right now, please consider donating to any of these sites to help fight racial injustice.


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