If you love rock in its rawest and most primal state, then you need to grab the mind-melting new vinyl boxset, Th Gathered and Scattered, by acid juggernautsEndless Boogie.

This hefty four record set collects together a heap of molten rehearsals, informal late night jams and other chaotic sessions, all of which have either only seen the light of day on limited edition CDRs or remained sequestered away from public ears until now. In a year without any proper shows by main head and guitarist/vocalist Paul Majors and crew, this is indeed a very welcomed gift.

Across the set’s eight LP sides, you get loads of lethal psychedelic blues workouts, guttural rockers and improvisations based around the most savage of riffs. These crude tracks appear all the more primitive through the roughened lo-fi sound quality, which remains constant throughout almost the entire boxset. Yet this fuzzy atmosphere only adds to the intensity of these recordings, giving them a livelier, more ferocious tone.

At times, the jams here have the earthy distorted vibe of Träd, Gräs och Stenar, but often with the energy and recklessness of The Stooges. Check out “Magic Square” on the third record for a fine example of that. However, throughout most of the tracks, the sinister shadow of fierce proto-metal bands can be felt looming near. Songs like “Basement Jam Ritual I” and “Mother Fury” feel as though they germinated from the ashes of bands like Andromeda, Sir Lord Baltimore and Suck (as well as a handful of biker grease, cheap acid and strong whiskey, of course).

Any Endless Boogie fan already knows that they need this set, but if you’re new to this band and you adore the work of The Pink Fairies, The Groundhogs and Pärson Sound, then this box is essential.

Get it from No Quarter Records right here before it’s gone.


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