Tim Story – Moebius Strips

With the aid of artists like Eve Maret, Mark Mothersbaugh and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, composer Tim Story constructed a sonic sculpture in tribute to Dieter “Moebi” Moebius out of archived sounds and tape loops created by the kosmische legend.

Story developed this project as an immersive multi-channel audio installation in homage to his friend, Moebius, who blazed a path for electronic and experimental music while working in groups like Harmonia and Cluster.

While there have been plenty of previous kosmische remix and tribute albums, this is one of the few reimaginings that truly captures the inventive free spirit of the giants of the movement. Story and the other contributing artists crafted genre-defying sonic collages that creep and sputter with life. The tracks feel so akin with Moebius’ entire MO, they appear like true collaborations with the electronic master.

For instance, “Segment X”, co-created by Phew, is a haunting Cluster-like piece that is rich with mechanical groans and high-pitched pulses that sound like a drunk Geiger counter attempting to take on the role of lead vocalist. Moebius would surely approve.

Another fine example of this is “Strip 11,” by the great Mark Mothersbaugh. This is an elaborate Aphex Twin-esque patchwork of static and sighing, whimpering electronics laid over a crisp industrial beat and dark drones. The track sounds as though the machines have awoken and are communicating, perhaps even plotting something

Yet, one of the strongest highlights and indeed, one of the most important pieces on the entire album is “Strip 31” with Eve Maret. This track is a lush, beautiful ambient soundscape that sounds like a celebration of life and a declaration of adoration. This song gives the otherwise fairly inorganic Moebius Strip project a beating, human heart. The record needs this piece to ground its homage to the great Moebius in a place of love and respect, emotions that are unquestionably shared by each contributing artist here.

A moving and monumental achievement by all those involved, this is one of the rare tribute albums that is just as essential as the work of its subject matter. You can preorder it here tomorrow.


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