Old Million Eye – The Incandescent Switch

If you’re in need of some music that is cosmic to the core, then Old Million Eye’s The Incandescent Switch is the record for you.

Fronted by Brian Lucas, whom you may also know from Dire Wolves, Old Million Eye constructs vast soundscapes out of dense layers of ethereal keyboards and astral guitar. The music on this particular album edges extremely close to ambient territories, especially on the spacey “Planet Flower,” with its rising tide of swelling synthesizers and reverb-marinated guitar lines. Tracks like this one bring to mind Celestial Ocean-era Brainticket or a more technology-reliant Popol Vuh.

A strong meditative vibe can be felt throughout the entire record, with many of the songs keeping a calm and reserved pace while shimmering gong-like percussion and breathy vocals carry above subtly hypnotic grooves. A fine example of this is “I Labour Upwards into Futurity,” which ripples with pulsing keyboard drones, a light but persistent tribal beat and echoing shaman-like singing that barely rises above a whisper. If this song doesn’t make you feel as though you’re floating through the multicolored clouds of some distant nebula, then I don’t know what will.

If you could imagine Country Joe and The Fish’s “Section 43” being handled by the likes of Ash Ra Temple, then you might be able to imagine the interstellar heights OME reaches on The Incandescent Switch. Don’t take my word for it, though. Listen for yourself by ordering this limited LP from Feeding Tube Records today.


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