Aaron Dooley – Ütiwaah

Aaron Dooley becomes the very definition of cosmic music on his latest release, Ütiwaah.

For the last few years, the Colorado-dwelling Dooley has been forging deeply astral sounds under his own name and while in the band Osmium House. On this track, he reaches entirely new interstellar horizons with the help of a large crew of likeminded cohorts.

Across eleven straight minutes, Dooley and his gang traverse across flute-based ambient dreamscapes and into twisting kosmische jazz vortices. For a band that, according to the single’s liner notes, featured members that had never played together before, they operate like a well-oiled telepathic machine. The jamming you hear on this track is intensely tight, and yet it still feels profoundly loose and free.

The track opens with soft nebulous waves of flute and sax coasting over slowly plucked reverb-saturated guitar. The tone is mysterious and dark, yet undeniably peaceful. Before long, a cyclical pattern of bell-like percussion and looping guitar figures emerges, leading the group into a spiraling transcendental jam. If Gong could have ever joined up with Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society, it very well could have sounded like this.

The band hurtles like a comet racing through the stars, completely propelled by a driving beat and dueling sax solos. This is a dizzying middle ground of spiritual jazz, kosmische musik and post rock, and Dooley and co. completely revel in it here.


If you want to temporarily leave Earth’s gravity, click here to buy a digital download of Ütiwaah today.


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