Olovson – “Epilogue” Music Video 

We were so taken by the beautifully melancholic video for Olovson’s equally wisftul solo piano piece, “Epilogue,” we just had to share it here. Check it out below:

Gorgeously animated by the award winning Anna Budanova, the video for “Epilogue” is rich with surreal imagery and a soft colored pencil-like style that is reminiscent of the Raymond Briggs films of the 80s like When The Wind Blows and The Snowman. The dreamlike video pairs and compliments Olovson’s hauntingly plaintive melodies almost too perfectly.

Olovson, AKA Jacob Olofsson, of whom you may know as being one half of the production duo Jarami, displays his ability to combine jazzy licks with a minimalist neoclassical sensibility on this track. The two seemingly unrelated genres blend together into something elegant here, with some slight gothic undertones appearing occasionally just below the surface.

“Epilogue” is the lead single from Olofsson’s next album, Storytelling, which will be available on March 4th through his label, 1136 Diamond. If you enjoyed it, be sure to click here to preorder the album now.


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