Francie Moon – What Are We Really Even Doing?

Francie Moon is a New Jersey garage rock staple, and their latest album is a prime example of why that’s true.

What Are We Really Even Doing?, which came out this week on Halfshell Records, is a blazing mix of fierce psychedelic rock and riotous surf punk. Elements of The Ventures, Shannon and The Clams and fellow New Jerseyans, the great Screaming Females, can be picked up here and there across this multifaceted album.

For a trio, the band packs a very thick and powerful sound. While drummer Richie Samartin and bassist Adam Pumilia bust their instruments to pieces just to hold down the rhythm, Melissa Lucciola’s stunning siren-like vocals punch you right in the face. It’s often like she’s singing straight through a megaphone as she cuts loose and shreds like a demon.

There are many standout tracks on this LP, but “Going Through My Head” is perhaps one of the top highlights. It’s a catchy and positive number that ignites with an absolutely ripping solo, courtesy of Lucciola. With its melty guitar tone, springy reverb vocals and an overall psych-pop glaze, the track nearly drifts into beach goth territory.

Despite its slightly haunting mood, the song has a critically righteous message, which is the focus of its charming and humorous music video. Shot by Matthew Canals, the video is a good reminder that no matter what you’re going through, your friends are always there to pick you up when you’re down. Check it out:

Full of fire, grit and just a touch of dazed summer haziness (especially on the serenely spacey closing track, “Wind Strings”), What Are We Really Even Doing? is the surfy psych-garage record of the season. Click here to order it for yourself today.



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