Wet Satin – Kosmische Tropicale

If you’re up for a record with a slinky, drippy, slick and bouncy sound, then Wet Satin’s got you covered.

Fronted by Lumerians‘ Jason Miller and Marc Melzer, Wet Satin is a new project that tosses everything from analog synth dance music to hypnotic Cumbias and astro funk into a blender, letting it puree into an ever-shifting mass of electro beats and fragmented melodies. The resulting synthesis is both mechanical and alive with squirming sultry rhythms, so naturally, the duo refer to their Frankenstein-ed sound (and album) as “Kosmische Tropicale.”

Each track flows seamlessly into one another here, which gives the record a slithery mixtape-like quality. The album itself is like a musical version of the alien from the end of John Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s one large amalgamation of different genres and flavors that occasionally allows for each assimilated sound to rise to the surface for a brief period of time. How else could you describe a beast of a record that lets theremin-like sirens glide through Afro-Latin rhythms, or steely post-rock guitar and keyboards seep into classic Chicha grooves?

This is a completely versatile and unpredictable LP, with one new style or sonic oddity popping up in the mix every few minutes. At one moment, the pair could be dueling looped samples and pulsing drum machines against hand percussion and frigid guitar lines, and then they could easily be surfing across sci-fi synth soundscapes and psychedelicized tiki lounges the next.

If you took Faust, Os Mutantes and Suicide, and threw them into a room with Al Lover behind the mixing desk, then you might come close to this multifaceted psych smoothie. Click here to order your copy from Fuzz Club today.


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Published by Record Crates United

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