Nathan Salsburg duets with the most plaintive ghosts of his 78s collection on this new entry in his Landwerk series.

Available this Friday from No Quarter Records, Landwerk No. 3 is a collection of startlingly unique guitar soundscapes that are built around spectral samples lifted from shellac recordings cut between the 1910’s and 1940’s. Salsburg’s stoic and airy electric lines float through seas of ancient hisses and scratches and loops of spectral piano, brass and other dust-choked instruments.

There’s a very particular composed and meditative mood to this record. Between the hypnotically repetitive 80+ year old samples and Salsburg’s own guitar, organ and piano playing, you get the sense that this is an invocation of and a reverence for the musical spirits gone past. This sonic seance breathes new life into the forgotten echoes of yesteryear, and gives the recordings and the original musicians a final nod of remembrance. It’s like the aural equivalent of leaving a coin on top of a tombstone for these long deceased musicians.

For a truly fascinating listening experience, look no further than Salsburg’s Landwerk. No. 3. Click here to preorder your copy ahead of Friday’s drop date.



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