My Favorite Releases of 2022

Well, folks, 2022 was a crazy and difficult year for us all, but we managed to have some truly great times. From catching the likes of George Clinton and Kikagaku Moyo on stage, covering the Deep in the Valley festival to even hosting our own first concerts under the RCU banner, it’s been a year for the books.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us and supported us throughout the last 12 months. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride just as much as we did. The year was such a blast, I honestly need to recuperate from it for a little bit. So I’m going to take a short hiatus after this coming week until sometime around mid-January. Please be sure to subscribe to the site so you’ll receive a notification for when we return.

In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of some of my favorites releases that I listened to this year (in no particular order).

  1. Chris Forsyth – Evolution Here We Come (No Quarter Records)
  2. Simon Joyner – Songs from a Stolen Guitar (Grapefruit Records)
  3. Angeline Morrison – The Sorrow Songs, Folk Songs of the Black British Experience (Topic Records)
  4. Upupayāma – The Golden Pond (Centripetal Force Records/Cardinal Fuzz)
  5. Matthew J. Rolin – Passing (American Dream Records)
  6. Charles Stepney – Step on Step (International Anthem)
  7. Seawind of Battery – Clockwatching (Island House Recordings)
  8. Joseph Allred – The Rambles & Rags of Shiloh (Worried Songs)
  9. Mila Web – Lucky Nights (Perpetual Doom)
  10. Small Sur – Attic Room (Worried Songs)
  11. Horse Lords – Comradely Objects (RVNG. Intl.)
  12. Nimbudala – Peace Rock (Inner Islands)
  13. Dezron Douglas – ATALAYA (International Anthem)
  14. Anne Malin – Summer Angel (Dear Life Records)
  15. Jessica Breanne – Rosebud Queen (Perpetual Doom)
  16. Andrew Tuttle – Fleeting Adventure (Basin Rock)
  17. Tarotplane – Aeonium (Constellation Tatsu)
  18. More Klementines – Who Remembers Light (Twin Lakes Records)
  19. Primordial Undermind – An Imaginal Abydos (Sunrise Ocean Bender/Deep Water Acres)
  20. Lou Turner – Microcosmos (Spinster Sounds)
  21. Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble – Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble II (Tompkins Square Records)
  22. Ghost Funk Orchestra – A New Kind of Love (Colemine Records)
  23. Aaron Dooley – Trapped in Purgatory (Island House Recordings)
  24. Golden Brown – Luminous (Inner Islands)
  25. Surya Botofasina – Everyone’s Children (Spiritmuse Records)
  26. Elkhorn – Distances (Feeding Tube Records)
  27. BKO – Djine Bora (Bongo Joe Records)
  28. Little Mazarn – Texas River Song (Dear Life Records)
  29. Jon Camp – s/t (Centripetal Force Records)
  30. Rootless – What the Truth Leaves Out (Feeding Tube Records)
  31. África Negra – Antologia Vol​.​1 (Bongo Joe)
  32. Rose & LaJoie – On The Crystal Seas (Flower Room Records)
  33. Sairie – The Cinder Sheet (Hudson Records)
  34. Noori & His Dorpa Band – Beja Power! Electric Soul & Brass from Sudan’s Red Sea Coast (Ostinato Records)
  35. Dave Heumann – Guitar Tapes Vol 1 (Sun Cru Records)
  36. Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian – Songs Of Horaman (Centripetal Force/Cardinal Fuzz/Radio Khiyaban/Ramble Records)
  37. M.H.H – Cassiope: Protection Songs for Guitar (Home and Garden Records)
  38. Eli Winter – s/t (Three Lobed Recordings)
  39. Lake Mary – KODA (Aural Canyon Records)
  40. Rich Ruth – I Survived, It’s Over (Third Man Records)
  41. Ylayali – Separation (Dear Life Records)
  42. Jimetta Rose & The Voices of Creation – HOW GOOD IT IS (Night Dreamer)
  43. Mountain Brews – s/t (Perpetual Doom)
  44. Wet Tuna – Warping All By Yourself (Three Lobed Recordings)
  45. Camino Sound – The Camino Sound EP
  46. Breanna Barbara – Nothin’ But Time (Fuzz Club Records)
  47. Joys Union Group – Boredom Euphoria (Trouble in Mind Records)
  48. Cole Pulice & Nat Farvie – Strawberry Roan (Aural Canyon)
  49. Ernie Francestine – Character of Light (Warhen Records)
  50. VA – Spirit of Clive : A Tribute To The Music Of Clive Palmer & Cob (Isolation Jams)
  51. Ralph White – It’s More In My Body Than In My Mind (Worried Songs)
  52. Oort Smog – Every Motherfucker Is Your Brother (AKP Recordings)
  53. Naujawanan Baidar – Khedmat Be Khalq (Radio Khiyaban)
  54. OHMA – Between All Things (Colorfield Records)
  55. Color Green – s/t (Org Music)
  56. Keefe Jackson / Oscar Jan Hoogland / Joshua Abrams / Mikel Patrick Avery – These Things Happen (Astral Spirits)
  57. Kyle Hamlett Duo – Tape Diamonds (Arrowhawk Records)
  58. Marisa Anderson – Still, Here (Thrill Jockey Records)
  59. Gold Dust – The Late Great Gold Dust (Centripetal Force Records)
  60. Makaya McCraven – In These Times (International Anthem)
  61. Hiram – Immersion (Home & Garden Records)
  62. Hipwell – Gardenworld (Island House Recordings) 
  63. Burd Ellen – A Tarot of The Green Wood (Mavis Recordings)
  64. Abronia – Map of Dawn (Feeding Tube Records/Cardinal Fuzz)
  65. The National Park Service – Rescuers’ Loops
  66. Davide Cedolin – Contemplations and other Instrumentals from the Valley (Ramble Records)
  67. Seven Rivers of Fire – Sanctuary (Aural Canyon)
  68. Blake Hornsby – Cruel Sister (Ramble Records)
  69. Kikagaku Moyo – Kumoyo Island (Guruguru Brain)
  70. Anteloper – Pink Dolphins (International Anthem)
  71. VA – Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem vol. XI : Chrome Universal – A Survey of Modern Pedal Steel (Tompkins Square Records)
  72. Austin Leonard Jones – Dead Calm (Perpetual Doom)
  73. Steve Gunn – Nakama (Matador Records)
  74. The Living Sky – Enter the Sky (Home & Garden Records)
  75. Tommy and The Ohs – Mariposa Gold (Perpetual Doom)
  76. Etran de L’Aïr – Agadez (Sahel Sounds)
  77. Lilblackkids, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Keith Rice – Planet of the Blues: Part One
  78. Eve Maret – Earth and Space (Centripetal Force Records)
  79. Zacht Automaat – P is for Progress (Idée Fixe)
  80. Old Million Eye – The Air’s Chrysalis Chime (Feeding Tube Records)
  81. Duncan Park – Invoking The Flood (Ramble Records)
  82. Pearls Before Swine – The Wizard of Is (Earth Recordings)
  83. Seven Rivers of Fire – Way of the Pilgrim (Dub Cthonic)
  84. Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena – West Kensington (Three Lobed Recordings)
  85. LEMAT – Ensemble of Organic Amazement Vol II (Half Shell Records)
  86. Kevin Barker & Matthew J. Rolin – s/t (Eiderdown Records)
  87. Weeed – Green Roses Vol. 1 (Half Shell Records)
  88. Totem Pocket – s/t
  89. VA – Perú Selv á tico – Sonic Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon 1972 – 1986 (Analog Africa No . 36) (Analog Africa)
  90. ML Rootless – s/t (Flower Room Records)
  91. Wet Satin – s/t (Fuzz Club)
  92. Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders – Blown Out Zone Out (Baked Tapes)
  93. VA – Deep In The Valley
  94. Francie Moon – What Are We Really Even Doing? (Half Shell Records)
  95. VA – Perpetual Doom Presents: Die, Die My Doomer (Perpetual Doom)
  96. Bert Jansch – Bert at The BBC (Earth Recordings)
  97. Joan Shelley – The Spur (No Quarter Records)
  98. Lindsay Clark – Carpe Noctem (Audio Sport Records)
  99. Garcia Peoples – Dodging Dues (No Quarter Records)
  100. Little Wings – Rosy’s Own (Perpetual Doom)
  101. Ryley Walker – So Certain EP (Husky Pants Records)
  102. Reverse Death – Stretching to Infinity (Half Shell Records)
  103. Kungens Män – Jungens Lud & Bild( Centripetal Force)
  104. .Jose MedelesRAILROAD CADENCES & MELANCHOLIC ANTHEMS: A Drummers Tribute to John Fahey (Jealous Butcher Records)
  105. Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker, Steve Hirsh – Sparks (Mahakala Music)
  106. Jana Horn – Optimism (No Quarter Records)
  107. Buck Curran – Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity (Obsolete Recordings)
  108. Howlin Rain – Under The Wheels Vol. 4: Live from Venice Beach (Silver Current Records)
  109. Daniel Bachman – Almanac Behind (Three Lobed Recordings)
  110. Bill Orcutt – Music for Four Guitars (Forced Exposure)
  111. Weak Signal – WAR&WAR
  112. Earth Room – s/t (Midheaven Mailorder)
  113. Modern Folk Trio Band – Always Be Recording (Island House Recordings)
  114. William Parker – Universal Tonality (AUM Fidelity)
  115. Bitchin Bajas – Bajacillators (Drag City Records)
  116. Josephine Foster – Godmother (Fire Records)
  117. Phil Cook – From The Kitchen (Warhen Records)
  118. TENGGER – Earthing (Centripetal Force Records/Cardinal Fuzz)
  119. Xisco Rojo – м а т ь м о ж е т я (Holy Hoof Records)
  120. Wasted Cathedral – Retreat into Fantasy Soundtracks (Centripetal Force Records/Cardinal Fuzz)
  121. Shane Parish – Liverpool (Dear Life Records)
  122. Mal Waldron – Searching in Grenoble : The 1978 Solo Piano Concert (Tompkins Square Records)

(yeah, it ends at 122. I make the rules here!)


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