2023 Updates

Hi folks, I hope you’ve all been having a good New Year so far. My break is just about done and posts will start to return on the regular very soon. In the meantime, though, I just wanted to let you know about a few cool things I’ve been working on during my hiatus.

Ambient Country Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being a cohost on the first episode of the second season of the great Ambient Country podcast. Hosted and run by Bob Holmes of ambient country group SUSS, the show features an all-instrumental playlist that I put together, plus commentary by Holmes and I. It was a total honor to be featured, and I had a fun time recording it. I think you’ll have just as much fun listening to it, so please check it out:


This Sunday at 3PM EST (8PM GMT), I will be presenting 10 favorite underground records from my collection in a live video stream on the FROW app.

FROW helps record stores, collectors and artists sell vinyl live in real time, by giving them a platform to host their own video streams to virtually engage and sell directly to music lovers all over the planet. Be sure to download the FROW app today and tune in this Sunday!

Other Updates

I will also soon have an exciting update regarding the blog’s accompanying streaming radio show, The Record Crates United Mixtape, so keep an ear out for that.

I’m also currently figuring out some live events for the New Year. Everything is in just the idea stage at the moment, but we’re hoping to bring some favorites of ours down to Cranford, and to start a series of casual jams for the Jersey heads to meet up at and play together. Hopefully we’ll have more to report on these inklings very soon.

As per usual, I will also be continuing my contributions to Phil McMullen’s Terrascopaedia (just not in the issue that is currently for sale). The spring edition will be including an interview with one of my favorite humans ever, let alone artists. I’m so psyched for everyone to see this piece. It was one of those “oh now I can die happy” sort of experiences, so stay tuned!

Goodbye David Crosby

by Linda McCartney

I’m sure you’re all aware by now that we just lost the Croz. It’s no surprise to anyone that he is a favorite and a legend in this household, and despite the fact that we had in in the world so long, his loss is still quite a blow to the heart. I’m sure many of you here would agree with that statement.

His influence on music and culture is incalculable. Being one of the main figureheads in connecting the dots between free jazz, folk music and rock and roll through a psychedelically opened mind, a great deal of the music I love and cover here surely wouldn’t exist without his dire input. As problematic as he could be, he was and forever shall be a giant in his field. So please join me today in playing anything from his vast back catalogue in honor of the myth, the legend and the stache that was the Croz.

What’s Spinning?

Lastly, I just want to shout out a few things that I’ve been listening to like crazy these last few weeks:

What have you been listening to lately? Let us know!



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