Revisit the glory days of psychedelic animation with this groovy new Scott Yoder music video.

Yoder, formerly of the band The Pharmacy, channels everything from early Bowie to freak beat bands and Harry Nilsson in his ear-catching bops. The Seattle-based musician has a true gift for pop hooks, catchy riffs and magnetic melodies. This is especially true with the very mid-60s Rolling Stones-esque “You”ll Never Know,” from Yoder’s recent Wither on Hollywood and Vine album. Check out the song’s brand new video:

Directed by Daniel Onufer (Reverse Death), “You’ll Never Know” is a charming look back to the more lysergic hand-drawn animation styles of the late ’60s and early ’70s. The artwork of Peter Max, the musical sequences from Yellow Submarine and even the (surprisingly) psychedelic animated segments from early Sesame Street all appear to be referenced in this fun little video. It’s the perfect visual accompaniment to the equally groovy tune.

Click here to buy Yoder’s new record today.



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