Shed the cold of winter and revive your soul with the summery warmth of MV and EE’s Green Ark.

Available this Friday from Ramble Records, this LP finds our favorite rural-psych Vermonters, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder, jamming on some cosmic, gelatinized grooves with bassist and percussionist Coot Moon. MV and EE have a wide spectrum when it comes to their sound, with some releases revealing more of their acoustic or electro dance side, but this particular album is the pair leaning very heavily in their space rock vibe.

Many of the tracks, like the sprawling 19-minute album opener, “Free Range,” feature heady drones and minimalist beats that allow the pair to improvise wildly with their spiraling tendrils of astral guitar and keyboards. A thick and swampy atmosphere hangs throughout each tune, which gives the entire album an interstellar dreamscape vibe. Even their cover of “Dancing in the Street” feels like a chugging mushroom-induced fever dream, laced with warped fuzz solos and ricocheting vocals.

This is a record to laze to, to smoke and groove to, to drive in the warm spring sun to, and so much more. Longtime MV & EE and Wet Tuna freaks will adore this one. Click here to preorder your copy today.



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