Drift out into Tacoma Park’s hazy synth and acoustic rural dreamscape with their brand new self-titled LP.

Hailing from Carrboro, North Carolina, Tacoma Park is a duo made up of John Harrison (Jphono1, North Elementary, the Comas) and Benjamin David Felton (BloodRevenge, Shark Quest, Jett Rink), and the pair blends together retro ambient sounds with earthen fingerpicking and coasting waves of chooglin’ wah-wah guitar.

With loose improvisation being their modus operandi, Tacoma Park reaches for moods as their main musical goal. From psychedelicized meditations on natural landscapes (“It’s Sunny”) to Wet Tuna-like minimalist electro-dance grooves (“No Museums”) and kosmische trips into the stars (“No Deaf Yet,”), this is a record that will transport you to not only places, but entire states of being.

It’s for this reason alone that this an album that is best enjoyed while road tripping or while laying outside in a peaceful and secluded place. Let your mind wander while the pair’s electric pulses and meandering guitars lull you into a calmed hypnosis. This is music to soundtrack the passing clouds and springtime breezes. Get it here and see for yourself.



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