Single Premiere: The Far Sound – “Finding The Temple”

Shades of the sensual and the unreal sway and slink throughout the latest single by experimental pedal steel exotica artist, The Far Sound. The Far Sound, A.K.A Rick Pedrosa from Abronia and Federale, appears to be informed by everything from bluegrass to psychedelic rock to even classical Hindustani music. You hear all of these influencesContinue reading “Single Premiere: The Far Sound – “Finding The Temple””

Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States of Alchemy – Under an Endless Sky

Dorothy Moskowitz, of the pioneering ’60’s experimental rock group, The United States of America, is still pushing boundaries and defining what it is to be an “experimental artist.” Available today from our friends at Tompkins Square Records, Under an Endless Sky is a wholly unique beast. The record finds the legendary Moskowitz combining her creativeContinue reading “Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States of Alchemy – Under an Endless Sky”

My Body, ‘Tis of Thee II

If you’re going to buy any album on Bandcamp Friday this week, be sure to make it Centripetal Force’s abortion rights benefit record, My Body, ‘Tis of Thee II. The good heads at Nashville’s great Centripetal Force label put together this cracking collection of songs to aid Shout Your Abortion, an organization that works toContinue reading “My Body, ‘Tis of Thee II”

Sunburned Hand of The Man Announces 20th Anniversary Reissue of Headdress

Sunburned Hand of the Man’s first proper vinyl release gets a beautiful remastered reissue treatment thanks to the wizards at Three Lobed Recordings. Originally recorded in the summer of 2001, and shortly after the tragedies of 9/11 in the wilds of Western Mass., Headdress was and still is an astounding document of the shamanic tribeContinue reading “Sunburned Hand of The Man Announces 20th Anniversary Reissue of Headdress”

Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog – FIGURE​/​GROUND electric guitar duos

If you ever wanted to imagine what it would sound like to put Neil Young in a space rock guitar duo, then Figure/Ground is the record for you. Released in June on Ramble Records, Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog’s guitar duo album is a conceptual auditory art piece. Based upon the perceptual grouping of Figure/groundContinue reading “Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog – FIGURE​/​GROUND electric guitar duos”

Eric Arn – Misuse: a live mix

You can knock out your drone, ambient and fingerstyle guitar fixes all in one go with Eric Arn’s Misuse live mix. Available through the great Ramble Records, this album is a collage of Arn performing across Europe between 2014 and 2015. Throughout the single 50 minute track, you’ll hear the former Crystalized Movements member slideContinue reading “Eric Arn – Misuse: a live mix”

Grassy Sound – The Sounds Of​.​.​.

Finally, a band that recognizes and appreciates the weird and enigmatic world of exotica records. Grassy Sound is a project lead by Nick Millevoi and Ron Stabinksy of the Meat Puppets that resuscitates life back into the LPs you’ll find in the dollar section of your local record store. Elements of cheap-o surf rock, budget binContinue reading “Grassy Sound – The Sounds Of​.​.​.”

Ragenap – Thriving Culture

Thriving Culture finds Ragenap, Chicago’s master of drone music, surfing through rumbling and howling waves of distorted guitar. For his second album through American Dreams Records, Ragenap, AKA Joel Berk, is perhaps at his most dynamic. Across two side-length tracks and one mini reprise, Berk utilizes a bank of effect pedals to create soundscapes thatContinue reading “Ragenap – Thriving Culture”

Single Premiere: “Habitat,” by Jon Camp

All solo guitar and pedal steel heads need to check out “Habitat,” the latest single by fingerstyle guitarist and composer, Jon Camp. Taken from Camp’s upcoming self-titled LP on Centripetal Force Records, “Habitat” is just one example of how the Washington DC-area artist excels at blending together unlikely sounds. The record, which is available forContinue reading “Single Premiere: “Habitat,” by Jon Camp”

Sonic Youth – In/Out/In

If you like your Sonic Youth records to be sprawling and jammy, In/Out/In is the album for you. Released today through Three Lobed Recordings for the label’s 20th anniversary, In/Out/In is culled from the final decade of Sonic Youth’s illustrious life, proving that the group were still a force to be reckoned with right upContinue reading “Sonic Youth – In/Out/In”