Liner Notes with Amanda Schutzman of Needle + Groove Records

If you’re a record collector within the tri-state area, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into Amanda Schutzman at one time or another. Schutzman, the badass manager of Needle + Groove Records, got her start in vinyl pretty much straight from the cradle. Her father, Mike Schutzman, is the founder of the Long Island institution thatContinue reading “Liner Notes with Amanda Schutzman of Needle + Groove Records”

Liner Notes with John Anderson of Reverberation Vinyl

Liner Notes is a new feature on Record Crates United where we explore the taste and music collections of some of our favorite people. For our first entry in this series, we gave our questionnaire to the great John Anderson of Reverberation Vinyl.  John Anderson is the owner of and creative spirit behind Reverberation Vinyl,Continue reading “Liner Notes with John Anderson of Reverberation Vinyl”