Liner Notes with Amanda Schutzman of Needle + Groove Records

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If you’re a record collector within the tri-state area, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into Amanda Schutzman at one time or another.

Schutzman, the badass manager of Needle + Groove Records, got her start in vinyl pretty much straight from the cradle. Her father, Mike Schutzman, is the founder of the Long Island institution that was Slipped Disc Records. She also spent some time working in Manhattan’s Generation Records (where you can still sometimes find her behind the counter) and she appears regularly with her father at the record shows that he now organizes, Vinyl Revolution Record Shows.

It’s safe to say that Schutzman knows her shit. This will become even more obvious to you, dear reader, when you check out her answers to our Liner Notes questionnaire…

RCU:  What was the last song that you listened to?

AS: “Juice” by Lizzo

RCU: What was the last album you were obsessed with?

AS: The Ungovernable Force by Conflict

RCU: Which artist do you most want to listen to on a Friday night?

AS: The Stooges

RCU: Which artist do you most want to listen to on a Sunday morning?

AS: Tony Orlando & Dawn

RCU: What record do you wish more people knew about?

AS: Self-Titled Album by Betty Davis

RCU: What’s your favorite album to drive to?

AS: I’m always in a different mood on the road, but I learned to drive to Kiss & Tell by Sahara Hotnights. Every driving lesson, that’s what was on. So I’d say that’s the album that reminds me most of being in the car.

RCU: If you could pull a Groundhog Day and relive one concert that you’ve previously attended over and over again, what would it be?

AS: I have seen way too many amazing shows to pick just one. Many artists who are no longer with us. I’d LIKE to pick Nashville P*** because EVERY TIME I see them live, I leave saying “That’s the best show I’ve ever seen.” But, I saw the Stooges perform at an old church in Brooklyn and how do you not put THAT on top. I’ve also seen Motorhead about 5 times and all of those shows were some of the best moments of my life too. Motorhead at Roseland was so good, I cried. Hahah I’ve seen Alice Cooper in a tiny venue on Long Island, front row, foot on the stage. And then years later, met him backstage after a huge arena show in Canada. Both amazing moments for me. Honestly? This is a loaded question and I refuse to answer it.

RCU: Which artist, living or dead, do you wish you could have a conversation with at a bar over drinks?

AS: Phil Lynott

RCU: What’s the music doc/concert film that you’ve probably seen the most?

AS: Again, another tie. Elliott Smith’s YoYo A Go Go, The Stooges’ Live in Detroit and Nashville P*** Keep On F***in In Paris, I think I’ve watched all three of these DVD’s close to 50 times each. I wish I was exaggerating.

RCU: If we blasted a follow up to the Voyager 2 gold record into space, and you could choose just one song to put on it, what would it be?

AS: Nature Boy By Nat King Cole

Needle + Groove just reopened this week, so why not pop over to Lynbrook, NY, pick up some metal records and say hello! (You could also shop from N+G on Discogs, if you still want to be careful).

You can follow Needle + Groove on Facebook and on Instagram @Wearesmelly. You can follow Vinyl Revolution Record Show on Facebook as well and on Instagram @vinylrevolutionrecordshow. 


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