Liner Notes: Andy French of Raven Sings The Blues

One of the handful of music sites that Record Crates United feels a close kinship with is certainly Raven Sings The Blues. Similarly to us, RSTB covers everything from eclectic rock and folk to experimental jazz and music that simply defies all genre labels, all with unabashed passion. That’s why we can’t help but applaudContinue reading “Liner Notes: Andy French of Raven Sings The Blues”

Liner Notes With Matt Sloan and Craig Johnson, of Welcome to The Basement

(Original image by Tona Williams) So far on Liner Notes, we’ve hosted record store owners, musicians and visual artists, but in this edition, we’re doing something a little different. This time, we are proud and honored to feature Matt Sloan and Craig Johnson, hosts of the comedic film review show, Welcome to The Basement, onContinue reading “Liner Notes With Matt Sloan and Craig Johnson, of Welcome to The Basement”

Liner Notes with Wes Buckley

Wes Buckley is a singer-songwriter who recently dropped his first full-length vinyl release, The Towering Ground, through Half a Million Records, the new label that sprouted from the famed Belltower Records store. The North Adams, MA-based Buckely plays a unique style of heady and rural folk rock that conjures the vibe of artists like DavidContinue reading “Liner Notes with Wes Buckley”

Liner Notes with Matthew J. Rolin and Jen Powers

If you’ve been following RCU within the last year or so, you should know already that Jen Powers and Matthew J. Rolin are responsible for some of the most exciting and original guitar soli and folk-inspired free improv records being released today. As the Powers/Rolin Duo, Powers plays hammered and bowed dulcimer (while usually hookedContinue reading “Liner Notes with Matthew J. Rolin and Jen Powers”

Liner Notes with Ken Brenninger of Blues Ambush and Philadelphia Record Exchange

Ken Brenninger is a fierce guitar slinger who spent time in bands Fully Glazed and Storks, before joining up with Jesse Sheppard from Elkhorn and Dave Siebert from Jackie O Motherfucker to form the sludgy acid hurricane that is Blues Ambush. Brenninger also works at the famed Philadelphia Record Exchange, which is indeed an essentialContinue reading “Liner Notes with Ken Brenninger of Blues Ambush and Philadelphia Record Exchange”

Liner Notes With Mikelyn Rochford

Mikelyn Rochford is a college instructor, host of a superb web radio show on the Stationhead app, as well as one of my favorite contemporary visual artists on Instagram right now. If you listen to her show, The Ninth Wave, for even just a few minutes, her vast music knowledge and widely expansive tastes becomeContinue reading “Liner Notes With Mikelyn Rochford”

Liner Notes with Mike Mannix of Centripetal Force Records

Mike Mannix is the cool head behind the great Centripetal Force Records. The label (along with Cardinal Fuzz) brought you such cosmic favorites as Dire Wolves’ I Just Wasn’t Made for These Set Times and the No Ear to Hear split by ragenap and Prana Crafter. Mannix’s small print-run company is also responsible for compassionate benefit releases,Continue reading “Liner Notes with Mike Mannix of Centripetal Force Records”

Liner Notes with The New Elastic Infinite

The New Elastic Infinite (A.K.A. Ethan Madarieta) runs the brilliant Global Psychedelia podcast/playlist. NEI and his show are an infinitely limitless resource for mind-expanding sounds of all kinds. Every Saturday, NEI lays a new 2-hour auditory trip on us all, featuring acidic tunes from all across this dimension (and possibly a few others). If you’reContinue reading “Liner Notes with The New Elastic Infinite”

Liner Notes with Amanda Schutzman of Needle + Groove Records

If you’re a record collector within the tri-state area, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into Amanda Schutzman at one time or another. Schutzman, the badass manager of Needle + Groove Records, got her start in vinyl pretty much straight from the cradle. Her father, Mike Schutzman, is the founder of the Long Island institution thatContinue reading “Liner Notes with Amanda Schutzman of Needle + Groove Records”

Liner Notes with John Anderson of Reverberation Vinyl

Liner Notes is a new feature on Record Crates United where we explore the taste and music collections of some of our favorite people. For our first entry in this series, we gave our questionnaire to the great John Anderson of Reverberation Vinyl.  John Anderson is the owner of and creative spirit behind Reverberation Vinyl,Continue reading “Liner Notes with John Anderson of Reverberation Vinyl”